Sally Boynton Brown – The Not So Typical Candidate Running for the DNC Chair

“I am not the typical candidate, so I am not going to sound like the typical candidate,” proclaimed Sally Boynton Brown at a December 17th forum of the Texas Democratic Party, one day after she officially launched her campaign to be the next Democratic National Committee Chair.

Sally Boynton Brown grew up in a working family class in Idaho, where she identifies herself as a proud mother of three, a loving wife, a community leader, a political worker, a small business owner, a mentor to women and a life-long learner. And it was her experience growing up in Idaho where she met life’s challenges with curiosity and her love to solve problems.

For the past ten years, Sally Boynton Brown has been involved in politics, first successfully managing several state legislative campaigns. She also found work as the Operations Director for the Idaho gubernatorial race. Then it was on to the Idaho Democratic Party (IDP) where she began as a Field Director, before she took on responsibilities as Communications Director. In 2012, she assumed the role of Executive Director. Sally has also held the position of President of the Association of State Democratic Executive Directors.

Today, Sally Boynton Brown is the only woman running for the DNC Chair. In a political environment dominated by the voice of men, Sally brings forward the voice of reason and a voice for those who cannot be heard. In 2013, Sally started the Lead Discussion Groups, a collaboration of national Democratic organizational groups the work to increase the number of women leaders in the Democratic Party.

In her effort to incorporate more of the American people in the process, Sally has truly gone grassroots with her campaign. Since day one, Sally has been using her Facebook connections to collaborate with everyday American minds from coast to coast. Her plan to create work groups from this alliance is something that truly has not been done at this magnitude, where she explains that people are innovative in this structured setting that allows for social e-collaboration to get the job done.  This style directly reflects Sally’s thoughts on the current leadership structure of the DNC, what she calls “old power versus the new power.” Sally hopes to recreate the DNC Chair position as one that is equal to those who she may work with, creating a “flat structure where everybody is involved.”

Sally’s vision for the future of the party is one that aspires to look towards the future. She explains, “we (need to) figure out how we build a 21st century party, that is full of energy and has the resiliency and innovation to be able to look at the changing reality of our society.” Citing that 50% of the country did not vote in this previous national election, her hope is to create a party that listens to the silent majority and learn why they didn’t vote. “We need to be creating a party that answers their questions,” suggesting that Sally hopes to find golden ideas from an untapped population.

It is clear that saving democracy has been Sally’s passion for the last decade. In her red state of Idaho, she’s successfully fundraised for the IDP, and maintained her staff as full-time employees – not an easy feat. But in the long run, it’s her belief that the power of the vote is the only sure way to ensure that the American government is of, by and for the people.

Based on her campaign style, and her drive to include the American voice, Sally Boynton Brown truly is your not so typical candidate, but she is the most ideal candidate to carry the Democratic Party forward.

Follow Sally’s campaign:


Facebook: We the DNC – Sally Boynton Brown for DNC Chair

Twitter: @wethednc

Medium: @sallybsquared

3 thoughts on “Sally Boynton Brown – The Not So Typical Candidate Running for the DNC Chair

  1. Nothing says “the party of the people” like a wistful pic of a crunchy riot-grrl in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. C’mon people – have we learned nothing?

  2. I strongly support this woman’s appointment to Chair of the DNC!!

    Nothing could be better for Republicans; this would be the final nail in the coffin for the badly damaged, practically irrelevant DNC!!

  3. Youre crazy.. NOW youre saying that message was just meant for a specific audience.. To me that says im kissing ass behind closed doors.. How weak OWN IT and let US all her your racists comments. How come you dont list a phone number either.. youre a shady lady.. Hey come shut me up.. im right here. Me and many others will be watching you.. Make a statement like that?? and know your crying own it..

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